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Education is critical to our success. A quality education should be available and accessible to everyone. As a student, I had teachers who challenged and supported me. Educators that helped me to develop a love of learning and the drive for success. The best teachers tailored the lesson to match my needs. My instructors helped me to become the man I am. By treating me as a valued part of our society, offering respecting and guidance I was motivated to do more, to be more.  Not just for me but for everyone I serve.

Our children are tomorrow's leaders. They will drive our economy forward, if we give them the educational platform they need to launch their careers. 

Teachers have a greater impact on students if they have manageable student to teacher ratios. This, along with quality current learning materials creates an environment where students can succeed.   

As your representative for House District 71,  I will advocate for education. After all, an educated workforce is essential to our path forward.


Infrastructure allows us to access the places where we work, learn, play, and pray. Infrastructure can make it safe for children to walk or bike to school or church. As a cyclist and a motorist, I know how critical it is for us to invest in our roads and the infrastructure that links our communities.  

As your representative for House District 71,  I will advocate for sensible solutions to improve Oklahoma's infrastructure for fun, fitness, and transportation. Infrastructure connects us on our path forward.

Fiscal Conservative

State spending should emphasize strategic investments with demonstrated return. For example, the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health offers programs the reduce recidivism and eliminate the need for systemic incarceration of the mentally ill.


The state's investment in citizens can foster economic growth across sectors, including manufacturing and small business. Entrepreneurship can have an important impact on our state's economy: small businesses must be part of the solution. By investing in our health and education, our economy will thrive. 

As your representative for House District 71, I will advocate for fiscal responsibility with your tax dollars, and fund cost-effective programs that improve our workforce.