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It all started when…

Our family moved to Stillwater in 2010 when my wife, Julie, was offered a faculty position at Oklahoma State University. Julie is the fifth generation to live and work in Oklahoma. She was excited to bring our family home. While we lived in Stillwater, I attended OSU and completed a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering technology. After graduation, I secured a job with a manufacturing company. As an engineer, I am a man of a few words and a passion for identifying solutions.

We relocated to Tulsa in 2015, and are blessed and privileged that our children receive a quality Spanish immersion experience within the Tulsa Public School system. I have a unique perspective that other candidates may lack because our children currently attend public schools. I am familiar with the school funding crisis because my children live it everyday. 

I grew up working for a small family-run business. From a young age, I learned the value of hard work and the importance of a well-rounded education for keeping the business profitable. My experiences working with family have taught me to be direct; to be a man of my word; to ask for a second opinion; and to have a thick skin.

Most weekends, I'm out riding my bicycle with my family. In Stillwater, we rode on gravel roads in the country. I enjoy the bike-friendliness of Tulsa--preferring to run errands by bike when possible. Join me, as we ride on the path forward.