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My Promise.

Your interests deserve to be represented at the capitol. I promise to listen to your feedback and represent what I hear from you. 

As a father with two young children attending public school, I believe investments in education are the key to the state's economic success. Learn more about where I stand on the issues, and more about me

In order to represent you, I need to hear from you at events, and through email


Get Involved

Please get involved with the campaign. I would love to hear your feedback and welcome the opportunity to share my thoughts with you at an upcoming event, or via email. 


Come to an Event

Come visit with me. I am planning events so that you can visit and learn more about the path forward. 

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteering for the campaign is easy. Join me as I knock on doors and make phone calls. 

Make a Donation

Support the campaign financially. Your donations will support materials for the campaign. 

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